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Corteva’s New Partnership for a State-Specific Planting Guide



Two of Corteva’s mainstays have joined together to create a new, first-of-its-kind resource for U.S. farmers.

Granular and Pioneer Agronomy are uniting to bring Pioneer’s agronomic insights and more than five million acres of Granular and Corteva data and insights to make a digital planting guide.

“Granular has seen great success, utilizing our data sets to help farmers decide things like when to start harvesting,” said Ken O’Brien, Granular’s digital marketing lead. “We saw an opportunity to create another tool that leverages the Granular and Corteva data science teams and our great data sets to help farmers make more confident data-backed decisions.”

Farmers have those three main considerations to make when they get the seed out of the bag: starting time, population and planting depth. O’Brien said that understanding how farmers can apply this data to their farm/ can result in a $120 an acre swing or more.

“We believe farmers can be confident they’re not leaving money on the table this spring by utilizing the findings of our team of agronomists to conduct hundreds of research studies every year,” he said. “The analysis we do on millions of acres every year to find trends to help growers be able to understand the impact of their decisions, as well as free tools we offer help farmers utilize their own data to better analyze and understand the impact their decisions have on profit.”

Resources: 2021 Planting Guide, downloadable checklist and video tutorials.