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Could PEDv Become Airborne?


A new study suggests airborne transmission should be considered as a potential route for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus.  The study published last week by Veterinary Research looked at whether PEDV could become airborne. Results indicated presence of infectious PEDV in the air from experimentally infected pigs and genetic material of PEDV was detected up to 10 miles downwind from naturally infected farms, according to the Pig Site.  PEDV has spread rapidly after being diagnosed in the USA in April 2013.


This study comes just after a recent study suggested that PEDV could be carried by animal feed if the feed is contaminated with the virus.  That study indicated that while not the source of the virus, PEDV could be carried by the feed if it was to come into contact with the virus.  One vaccine is on the market for pork producers to use and another is expected to reach the market soon.  So far, experts say the best defense against PEDV is good biosecurity measures.