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CountryMark Hydraulic Fluids Now Available in Zinc-free, Ashless Formulation


CountryMark productsCountryMark is pleased to announce that its CountryMark Advantage Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Fluids are now zinc-free and ashless. These new and improved hydraulic fluids are ideal for high performance industrial applications using vane, piston or gear pumps, and where applications are situated in environmentally sensitive areas. “We’re excited to bring to the market new technology that delivers hydraulic system protection in the most environmentally friendly manner possible today,” said CountryMark Lubricants Manager Dennis Mungle.


In addition to being zinc-free and ashless, CountryMark’s newly improved multi-viscosity hydraulic fluids focus on four key product features – operability in a wide temperature range, wear protection, filtration and oxidation stability. “It is essential that our fluids protect hydraulic equipment when temperatures are extremely cold as well as when hydraulic systems are extremely hot,” said Mungle. “To meet this need, our oils have a high viscosity index and low pour point for use over a wider temperature range than conventional anti-wear hydraulic fluids.”


Oxidation stability is maximized by CountryMark’s use of premium base stocks and additives. This delivers effective oxidation stability, which enables longer service life than conventional zinc-based anti-wear hydraulic oils. CountryMark hydraulic fluids are rated to 4000 hours, reducing operating costs and increasing uptime.


Mungle also noted that CountryMark Advantage Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Fluids are formulated to have dielectric properties, which means they can be used in hydraulic systems that must be electrical nonconductors. CountryMark’s new ashless, multi-viscosity hydraulic fluids are available in pails, drums, totes and bulk from CountryMark branded dealers. 

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