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CountryMark Program Can Prolong Engine Life

Mick Calvin

This time of year farmers are getting lots of analysis. The banker will do a financial analysis; the CPA will do a tax analysis; and, now, an oil supplier will do an oil analysis.  CountryMark, one of Indiana’s leading suppliers of fuel and lubricants, is offering a special analysis program to test the fluids in your farm equipment.  Mick Calvin says the TAP program can alert you to potential problems before you head to the field this spring, “This program allows us to look at crankcase oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluids, and anti-freeze and to analyze these fluids to determine the quality, the life, and the contaminates that night be in these fluids.” 


The analysis will tell you how your equipment is performing, as well as how your lubricants are performing. Calvin told HAT that the analysis of crankcase oil, “Will tell us if we have reached the end of the life of that oil or if there are things like dirt, anti-freeze, or wear metals in the oil.” He added that, some operators have the analysis done each time they change oil, while others use a longer interval. He noted that more modern equipment and quality lubricants can go longer between changes.


New technology in today’s equipment is putting new demands on the oils and lubricants used in these machines. In the future, Calvin says there will be changes in the lubricants you will have to use, “By 2016 there are going to be some new standards coming out.” In addition, by 2016,  engine manufacturers will be recommending new fluids and lubrication, “Right now the recommended crankcase oil is 15W-40, but equipment of the future will have different recommendations.”   There is a $20 charge for the TAP kit. After you send in the sample, within 48 hours you will get a complete analysis.  For more information, contact your CountryMark dealer or co-op.


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