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Credenz Soybeans Handle Indiana Weather Stress and Weeds in 2017


Credenz Soybeans Handle Indiana Weather Stress and Weeds in 2017

Our weather in 2017 proved to be stressful for many soybean varieties. Indiana yield data showed that Credenz Soybeans dealt with that stress very well. Dave Pazdernik, agronomist with Bayer Crop Science, says yield data indicates that Crednez soybeans performed well in conditions that were too wet and too dry, ”Yields are extremely competitive across the board this year.  We have maturities from zero to group 7 that did very well.”

Weather was not the only challenge. A wide range of planting dates resulted in early and late planted soybeans. Here, again, Pazdernik says Credenz did well, “We have an early variety, 2312, that did very well in Northern Indiana.  Variety 2810 did exceptionally well in very wet conditions, in heavy wet soils it really stands out. A group 6 variety 3601 did well in both wet and dry conditionns.” All of these are Liberty Link varieties.

When it comes to recommendations for 2018, Pazdernick says the Liberty Link system offers growers choice and effectiveness when dealing with hard to control weeds. “There are parts of Indiana where glyphosate does not work. Liberty helps control a number of resistant weeds at a very competitive cost,” he said.

Bayer has 15 new Credenz variety options for 2018. The new Credenz® varieties include LibertyLink® traits and feature Bayer smart genetics. In addition, six new Balance® GT varieties have been developed for maturity groups 2.1 to 4.1. Upon approval, the Balance® GT system will give growers the flexibility to use Balance Bean herbicide for burndown or pre-emergence applications. Growers will have access to additional solutions that continue to maximize performance, boost profit potential and increase yield efficiency.

The new variety options have excellent agronomics and standability, are high-performing yielders and stable performers across a wide geography. Brett Naylor, soybean variety development manager, shared recommendations for variety selection. “For growers who want a variety that moves well North to South, and works well with planting populations of 140,000, CZ 4308LL is an excellent choice. Another top varietal performer, CZ 2928LL, ranks well against soybean cyst nematode disease, frog eye leaf spot fungus, sudden death syndrome and iron deficiency chlorosis.”

Here is a full list of the 15 new Credenz varieties for the 2018 season:

CZ 0448LL: Good IDC tolerance, excellent standability and highest yielding early 0 in 2016.

CZ 1028LL: Good SCN tolerance with PI88788 background, solid agronomic package with good standability and stable performer across a wide geography. Highest yielding early MG1.

CZ 1418LL: Excellent top-end yield potential mid MG1, 85 percent win rate versus competitive

checks and medium-tall plant type that forms an excellent canopy.

CZ 1738LL: Strong early vigor and all-around disease package. Consistent yielding late MG1 across all environments.

CZ 2408LL: Top performer in 2016 trials and was the highest yielding mid MG2. Medium-tall, bushy plant type that works well across varied soil types from East to West.

CZ 2928LL: Taller plant type with good standability and was the high-performing yielders late MG2 in 2016.

CZ 3118LL: Consistent, uniform performer across multiple geographies with good disease tolerance. Highest yielding early MG3.

CZ 3548LL: Bushy, dark brown bean that forms an excellent canopy. Mid MG3 with consistent yields from East to West.

CZ 3738LL: Consistent yielding late MG3, that moves North well with good standability and disease tolerance.

CZ 4308LL: Early MG4 with a taller, rugged plant type and top-end yield potential.  Moves well North to South.

CZ 4548LL: Mid MG4 STS option. Solid performer across many geographies.

CZ 4918LL: Consistent-yielding, late MG4, with good standability and strong defensive package.

CZ 4938LL: High yielding late MG4 with a taller, aggressive plant type that performs across many

environments. Performs best at 140K or less plant populations.

CZ5328LL: New attractive tawny tan early MG5. Excellent stem canker and frogeye resistance.

CZ7008LL: Excellent yield performance, attractive tawny/tan. Highest yielding early MG7.