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Crop Drydown Surprisingly Good in SW Indiana


Crop Drydown Surprisingly Good in SW Indiana

Dan Emmert

A welcomed break in harvest is taking place this week as rains move across the state. Yields and crop drydown are especially good in SW Indiana. Corn harvest in SW Counties is about half complete, and soybean harvest has been running full out for about a week. Dan Emmert, with Pioneer, says yields, while not as good as last year, are well above average, “Last year growers said their corn yields were the best they had ever had. This year they are saying the yields are good and above average, but less than a year ago.”  Statewide corn harvest is 18% complete, and nationally it is 16% complete which is ahead of the 5 year average.  Illinois leads the states at 28% done.

Emmert says what is the real surprise is how fast the crop is drying down, “The 111 day and 113 day hybrids that were planted in late April and early May are coming out of the field at 16% moisture.  So we are in really good shape on corn.”

The big concern, however, is stalk quality. “We have some stalk quality that is not what we want it to be. Especially if it keep raining and harvest is delayed.” Emmert is urging growers to check fields during the down time the rain will provide this week.  He told HAT there is a great deal a variability in crop conditions even within fields, “We have fields where the crop looks fine, but some parts of that field may have stalks that have been dead for a month.” He added that using satellite imagery can be a great tool to determine what fields and parts of fields need to be checked for harvest priority.