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Crop Insurance Not Impacted by Shutdown


The government shutdown has had an impact on many aspects of agriculture, but crop insurance is not one of them. Randy Boberg, with Boberg Crop Insurance in SW Indiana, says the shutdown of USDA and the lack of Farm Bill implementation have not had an impact on crop insurance.

“There is a lot of uncertainty, and that has increased the focus on crop insurance; but crop insurance companies have stepped up and are still paying claims even though RMA has not been open to approve them. So for the most part, it has been business as usual.”

Yet, the uncertainty that the shutdown and the trade war have generated, along with low corn and soybean prices, is changing the way some producers look at their crop insurance coverage. “There are some guys who are saying perhaps I need to cut back and save some money,“ said Boberg. “But more guys than not are wishing they could get more coverage. There has been some interest in some of the add-on products that can give you up to 95% coverage.”

Boberg added a lack of confidence by many producers has been increasing the longer this situation lasts. The temporary reopening will eliminate some of the concern, but a long term solution is needed to get ag moving again.