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Crops Good but Rains this Week Not Quite Enough


Shuter crop update

Shuter Sunset FarmsIndiana crops need some rain. In Madison County in east-central Indiana the crops on Shuter Sunset Farms could use another round even after some spotty showers this week, according to Patrick Shuter.

“There’s been some showers that went through in this area the last couple of evenings and like normal they’re extremely spotty and heavy here and not so much there,” he told HAT. Most of our area here has gotten not much over .2 or a quarter inch over the last couple of evenings. We’re getting to the point of being to the dry stage. A half inch of rain here this week wouldn’t hurt us.”

The wet spring did slow planting progress in his part of the state, but he estimates 90-95 percent of the area crops did get a decent start out of the ground. Now Shuter sizes up corn and soybeans as pretty good overall.

“Corn looks pretty good in most areas and beans are coming on good. I’d say 95 to 98 percent of the corn is tasseled and getting close to brown silks. Beans are podding up pretty good and overall beans are in pretty good shape.”

And on their farm there is now a hint of some disease.

“We’ve done a little bit of scouting and found a little bit of northern leaf blight and a little bit of gray leaf spot. We’ve sprayed maybe half of our corn, not necessarily on the amount of disease we found, just a preventative for the next week or so. I haven’t seen a lot of it coming on real strong yet.”

He added some of the low ground that needed replant this year sports some questionable looking corn, but where corn is good it is very good. The Shuters farm near Frankton, Indiana.

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