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Dairy Bar at Fair Dates Back to 1941


Deb Osza at Dairy BarThis group of farmers has been serving customers at the Indiana State Fair since 1941, and now every year fairgoers see long lines of anxiously waiting customers  ready to order something from the folks inside that round barn. The Hoosier state’s dairy farmers again in 2014 are preparing great treats like milkshakes and grilled cheese sandwiches.

General Manager at American Dairy Association Indiana Deb Osza says the Dairy Bar started decades ago.

“The Dairy Bar goes back all the way to the beginning of the organization of American Dairy Association of Indiana, back in the early 40’s. So 1941 the dairy association was here on the fairgrounds serving milk, all you could drink for 10 cents. That stayed in place for many, many years. It wasn’t until the 60’s that we upped the price to 15 cents, and today we still sell milk for just 50 cents a glass!”

This year there is another new sandwich you can order in the final three days of the fair, the colossal grilled cheese in a nod to the Year of the Coliseum. Also a new shake is tempting customers, the salted chocolate caramel milkshake. Osza explains more in the HAT video.