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Darren Goebel Explaines Field 360



The Power of Field Data Analysis


Darren Goebel
Darren Goebel

Farmers have been collecting yield data on their crops for years, but using that information to make better agronomic decisions has not always been easy. Not a new program from DuPont Pioneer called Pioneer Field 360 allows a grower to analyze multiyear data for every field on his farm. Darren Goebel, agronomist with Pioneer in Evansville, says the data analysis is amazingly powerful. The 360 analysis can not only help with seed selection but can help manage input use such as nitrogen, hybrids, spray programs, and more, “We can literally analyze an entire farming operation by field, by soil type, by hybrid; it is a very powerful tool to hone in on exactly what is happening on a farm.”  He and other Pioneer agronomists have been using the 360 system to help growers in Southern Indiana to manage their nitrogen applications.