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Day 2 of Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour Goes Through Western Indiana


Day 2 of Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour Goes Through Western Indiana

Tuesday, the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour released their Indiana data collected by scout teams over the past 2 days. The final numbers for Indiana came in at 182.33 bushels to the acre for corn and 1311.87 pods of soybeans in a 3 foot by 3 foot square.

Day 2 of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour began in Clinton County and ended in Illinois. The tour went through Clinton, Benton, White, Carroll, and Tippecanoe Counties in Indiana before moving on to Illinois. Ty Higgins is a farm broadcaster joining the tour from our news gathering partners at Ohio Ag Net. You can find entries from his blog on their Indiana stops below. For more pictures and Ty’s full recap from Day 2, click here.

Clinton County, Indiana

This was a great way to start the day. Not much to say about this corn. Some disease pressure below the ear and the samples we pulled were baseball bats. Heavy and filled to the max. Our yield here is 206. Tall beans don’t always mean big yields, but in this case the 5 foot tall stalks were loaded with pods. I have only seen one field in Indiana with a few blooms left and that was yesterday. This crop is very far along. We counted 1180 pods in a 3 x 3 foot square.

Benton County, Indiana

Tip back has hurt this crops potential in a big way. Disease pressure hasn’t help with Northern all over the upper leaves here. We did a yield calc for the samples we picked and also for what the crop could have been if conditions would have been ideal. WITH tip back it was a 189, without tip back this field would have been estimated at 251.6. Soybeans were chest high here and looking good. They had a little more insect growth than we have seen and I even found a furry guy (what does that mean for winter?) Our pod count in a 3 by 3 foot square was 1067.

White County, Indiana

As you might have seen in that video yesterday, size doesn’t always mean yield. Here were pulled smaller ears but the population was a little bit more than our Carroll County stop. Water issues hampered this field and we walked through some short end rows to get into our sampling spot. Our yield is 161. Soybeans came in at 1299.2 pods in a 3 foot square. Very nice looking field and as soon as I pulled sampled I knew we would be here counting for a while.


Tippecanoe County, Indiana

Found it humorous that we are in Tippecanoe County and almost Tippecanoed our Ram into a field side ditch. This puppy is only 2 wheel drive too. That would have been fun. Corn in this area is about a week or more further along in development and we found more big, heavy ears. This will be my largest check on tour this week, so far. Our yield estimate here is 222. More lodging here on the beans and to be sure it wasn’t just deer doing the damage, I went a little further in and this is a field wide issue. It will be slow and go for the combine come harvest. Our pod count in a 3 x 3 foot square here was 1187.2.


Carroll County, Indiana

They have received a lot of water in this part of the state. Our scout that did this corn field ended up ankle deep in running water where he sampled and there was some lodging noted. Ears were not as big as our last stop and the stalk health left something to be desired. Our yield number here is 163. Soybean lodging made it difficult to get through this field. The stalks were tall and maybe too tall for the wet conditions here. We counted 968 pods in a 3 foot square.


Source: Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins