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Disinfectant Could Help Reduce Spread of PEDv


The Pig Site reports Michigan State University has released new information to assist producers with disinfection protocols for PEDv. The National Pork Board recently published a study on the use and effectiveness of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide in cold temperature environments. While washing, disinfecting and drying trailers is the gold standard to reduce the spread of disease – the study shows the Accel product is an alternative option when fully washing and disinfecting is restricted due to limited time.


Through NPB’s study with both a heavy and light fecal load and at standing times of 40 and 60 minutes – results shows the disease was inactivated in the presence of light and heavy fecal contamination. Concentrations of 1:16 and 1:32 of AHP disinfectant in a 10-percent propylene glycol solution with 40 minutes of contact time is an effective alternative to reduce disease transmission between loads during cold weather conditions. Another benefit of AHP is it doesn’t require the use of Personal Protection Equipment when being applied and is environmentally friendly. MSU Swine Veterinarian Dr. Madonna Benjamin says this product may reduce pathogens on commercial and non-commercial swine movement when used as part of a cleaning biosecurity regime.