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Dispelling Misconceptions About Pork Through Mythbusting Campaign


Earlier this year, the National Pork Board launched the Real Pork Mythbusting campaign featuring Emmy-award winning actor Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family fame. Rich Deaton, producer from Ohio and Board of Directors member, says these videos exceeded expectations.

”We’ve reached 16 million impressions, far exceeded anything I anticipated. And of those 16 million 155,000 People went on and clicked on the link to pork.org/ruraldictionary.”

Deaton says the videos increased consumer confidence in the pork industry and in purchasing pork.

“Around 50 percent were more favorable about the pork industry and around 35 percent are more likely to buy more pork. And so, again, how do you put a number to all that? Our return on the investment in my mind as a board member was great. It’s fantastic.”

In his comments, Deaton said as a member of the Real Pork Barriers Task Force, success for him was reducing the number of consumers who were concerned about eating pork.

“Success was, in my mind launching into it was, if we could reduce that 33 percent. Of that 33 percent, If we could get them to reconsider, maintaining pork purchases or increase their pork purchases.”

The Mythbusting videos are at pork.org/ruraldictionary.

Source: NAFB News Service