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Does Dicamba Have a Future?


Does Dicamba Have a Future?

A federal court has instructed the EPA to withdraw the registration of dicamba weed control products. What does that mean for one of the only weed control options farmers have for some resistant weeds?

Purdue weed specialist Bill Johnson says there is a chance farmers will have a new dicamba formulation for 2021.

“We are currently doing research on some of the new dicamba formulations the companies have developed.These new products address the off target movement and should be an improvement. They intend to apply for registration for 2021.”

He added that, if approved, farmers will have a product to use next growing season.

Dicamba tolerant seeds are not affected, and there will be plenty to plant next year.

However, whether the herbicide can be used to control resistant weeds like marestail, water hemp, and giant ragweed in those fields is still unknown.

Johnson says, “Most of these weeds in Indiana are glyphosate resistant, so it will be up to the EPA if we will be able to control these weeds next year.”

Without dicamba, Johnson says growers will have to use higher rates of approved products that often times leads to crop injury. Yet he feels this is a better option than not controlling the weeds at all.