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Domestic Fuels Act Highlighted at RFA Legislative Forum


To weaken imported oil’s grip on Americans we must expand the availability and use of domestically-produced renewable fuels. That was the message of Senator John Hoeven at the inaugural Renewable Fuels Association’s Washington Legislative Forum. Hoeven detailed the elements of the bipartisan Domestic Fuels Act introduced last month and expressed the importance of making all fuels available to American consumers and businesses through market-based measures that increase competition and remove bureaucratic obstacles to producing and marketing fuels. He said it’s about giving customers choice and better prices at the pump by empowering retailers to market multiple fuels using the same equipment.

The Domestic Fuels Act would streamline the process so all fuels can be stored and dispensed with common equipment; provide liability protection for retailers that meet the streamlined EPA standards; and establish a new pathway for retailers to ensure their equipment is safe and legally recognized as compatible to sell new fuels. RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen says the legislation is a perfect example of the kind of thoughtful policies that can be created when all stakeholders work together for the common good. He adds that the Domestic Fuels Act responds to the specific desire of Americans to have more options at the pump.

Source: NAFB News Service