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Donnelly has Questions for Perdue


Donnelly has Questions for Perdue

donally iaswcdIt is expected that President Trump’s pick to head the USDA will be confirmed by the Senate Ag Committee, but Indiana’s representative on that committee has some serious questions for Sonny Perdue. Senator Joe Donnelly spoke to the IASWCD convention on Monday before heading back to Washington to begin casting confirmation votes for cabinet officials including Sonny Perdue. Donnelly told HAT he has some questions for the former Georgia Governor, “I want to make sure he understands Indiana agriculture and the importance of the RFS — the crops that we grow and the areas that are critical to Hoosier agriculture.” Donnelly, a member of the Senate Ag Committee said he also wants Perdue’s approach to the new Farm Bill, “We have a new Farm Bill coming up, and I want to get a flavor of where he would like to go with that.”

President Trump has made it clear he wants to start rolling back federal regulations, including the Waters of the U.S.  Donnelly said he supports rolling back WOTUS and other burdensome regulations, “I look forward to eliminating a number of regulations that are duplicative or don’t really need to be there in the first place.”

Donnelly told the IASWCD meeting he will be a strong advocate for conservation in the new Farm Bill, “We can change the world, one farm at a time, one filter stirp at a time, one cover crop at a time.”  He praised the famers and conservation district representative in attendance for making Indiana a leader in conservation.