Don’t Forget a Visit to Indiana FFA Pavilion at State Fair this Weekend



Time is winding down for a visit to the Indiana State Fair which concludes Sunday. There is so much to do at the fair, including a ride on the new Subaru sky ride. Also the FFA Pavilion is always home to mini golf and other fun, free activities for the kids and family. Those interactions with the kids are often times an adventure themselves for the volunteers, including state FFA officer Emily Kilmer.

“I was playing with this little girl named Victoria and we were having a really good time running around in the playground when she said ‘hey do you think you can come home and move in with me.’ I said I have to work here at the state fair so I can’t really move in with you, so she asked me if my teammates can move in with me.”

The little girl didn’t give up though. As she left she gave Emily the name of her church and told her to be there on Sunday.

State Northern Region Vice President Owen Coon has experience working the state fair but had a first occur this year.

“A couple of days ago we opened the pavilion with two state officers, Natalie and me and a couple of state staffers came in early to help us out, and I had a first after working down here for five years. We had a guy drive his golf cart through the pavilion and got the rear wheel stuck on one of the flower beds. He drove up on the side of the flower bed and I  had to go pick up the gold cart and shift it over for him to be able to get out.”

Meet some of the FFA state officer team and hear their stories in the HAT video at the HAT YouTube channel.