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Don’t Forget About Weed Control


With the rush to get the crop in, have we forgotten about weed control?  The focus since mid-May has been on getting the crop planted, and Dan Emmert with Pioneer says that means weed control has taken a back seat.

“The focus has been to just get the crop planted and we may have taken our eye off the weed control ball.” He added there has been a lot of water hemp emerging because of the wet conditions we have had. Emmert says attacking the weeds when they are small is vital, especially in this wet year.

“If we let these weeds get to 12 inches tall they could cut corn yields by up to 20%.”

A lot of soybean acres remain to be planted around the state, but late planting should not mean yield loss in SW Indiana. “Soybean growers have had very good yields on double crop soybeans planted in late June and still had 40-60 bpa.” Emmert says there is still plenty of time to have a good crop.