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Dow AgroSciences Helping Farmers in Kenya


Dow AgroSciences Helping Farmers in Kenya

A partnership between a team of Dow AgroSciences employees and AMPATH, a healthcare organization, is providing local farmers in with tools to increase crop production and improve long-term health. “AMPATH recognized early on, and thus the reaching out to Dow AgroSciences, that they really needed to improve the food security in the area to provide more nutrition for the local population; and that was really the way to improve the local health situation,” said Nate Miller, global business leader at Dow AgroSciences.

Miller says, while there has been some reluctance to adopt new technologies, they are able to show local farmers, through demonstration plots, how these agronomic practices can boost yields. “Which, in turn, directly helps them feed their families and send their children to school,” Miller said.

Kirk Morehead, a Dow AgroSciences employee that has spent time in Eldoret, Kenya, says it is not just agronomics, they have also branched out into other areas such as business education. “We have access to many different areas of expertise within our company that we can then fit those people into where it makes the most sense, to help the local people develop whatever it is that there is a need,” said Morehead. The retired district sales manager for Dow AgroSciences believes the outreach effort will continue and it will be sustainable. “Because it is not just us giving them a handout, it is us teaching them how to take care of themselves; and that is what they want and that is the sustainability that will survive,” Morehead said.