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Drivers Can Support Home-Grown Ethanol, Save Money This Holiday Weekend


Gas prices are currently averaging over $3.80 a gallon nationally. The oil companies have blamed Hurricane Issac – but Growth Energy says reports are coming in that damage to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico suffered little, if any damage. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says the oil market is volatile – but ethanol has served as a stabilizing factor that can help control costs by providing a level of certainty. He says ethanol – which currently makes up 10-percent of the nation’s fuel supply – has helped prevent extreme spikes in gas prices. As drivers hit the roads for Labor Day weekend – Growth Energy notes those consumers driving flex fuel vehicles can see substantial savings by filling up with E85. The national average price for E85 is around $3.42 per gallon.

To find the nearest flex pumps – consumers can visit the www dot ethanolretailer dot com (www.ethanolretailer.com) website launched by Growth Energy in June. A flex fuel finder app was also launched so on-the-go consumers can find the nearest station with higher blends of ethanol – of identify those stations along their planned travel route. Buis says the ethanol industry is committed to giving consumers a choice when they fill up. He says they can support foreign oil or support the American economy and energy independence by filling up with less expensive, home-grown American ethanol.


Source: NAFB News Service