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Drivers Surpass 2 Billion Miles on E15


Growth Energy says that, in just five months, American drivers have surpassed another billion miles on E15, bringing the total miles driven across the U.S. to two billion. This comes on the heels of Growth Energy’s recent announcement that more than 1,000 stations across the country are currently offering E15 to consumers. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says the milestone “cements the fact that drivers have embraced” E15 fuels. E15 is approved for use in all vehicles 2001 and newer, as well as, all flex fuel vehicles, which combined represent more than 87 percent of the vehicles on the road.
Meanwhile, more than 1,000 fuel stations around the country are offering E15—nearly triple the number of stations from the same time last year. Almost 16 million American adults have access to the fuel.

Source: NAFB News Service