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More Dry Days Ahead as Temperatures Remain Below Normal


More Dry Days Ahead as Temperatures Remain Below Normal

HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin

Time now for this week’s planting forecast made possible by First Farmers Bank and Trust, Proudly Serving Local Farmers, and by Kokomo Grain. HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin says Mother Nature is stringing together 5 days of dry weather, potentially getting farmers in the field from now until Tuesday. Martin believes the big question is if the ground will get fit in all areas.

“Sandy ground definitely will be dry enough. Soil temperatures- that’ll be another question. Even heavier ground might get dry enough in this period, but soil temperatures definitely aren’t going to be warming up there. So, we do see opportunity for field work between now and the end of Tuesday this coming week. The problem is from Tuesday night right on through Wednesday, Thursday, and then again next weekend, we’ve got more moisture coming back into the Hoosier state.”

Martin says soil temperatures still need another 8-15 degrees before reaching the optimal corn planting temperature, and that won’t happen during this 5 day stretch. However, we will see some improvement going forward.

“Temperatures now through the end of the month look to average probably 3 to maybe 10 degrees below normal, but normal temperatures are rising. So, we aren’t seeing temperatures quite as cold as how we started this past week.”

In Martin’s longer-term precipitation outlook, “We’ve got anywhere from a half to maybe one inch of rain coming next Wednesday. Then we’ve got another system coming next Saturday night through Sunday that could bring a half to maybe 1.5 inches of rain.

In the extended forecast window, May 2-5, we’ve got a stagnating frontal boundary that can bring anywhere from a quarter to maybe one inch at the bottom end. We may not see planting weather come back to a favorable kind of condition until sometime later in May. Maybe toward the 7th-9th, but even that right now is a stretch.”