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DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Update 3/28/17


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Dan Emmert

They are back again on Hoosier Ag Today: the DuPont Pioneer agronomy updates. Again this growing season, HAT will be talking each week with DuPont Pioneer agronomists around the state, checking on crop and soil conditions. This year there will be two different updates each week. These will be broadcast on Tuesday and Thursday on HAT radio stations and on this web site.


We are starting in SW Indiana with Dan Emmert who told HAT the wheat is running about 2 weeks ahead of schedule, “The problem is that when the wheat is jointed the growing point is above ground and vulnerable to freeze damage.” That is just what happened last week as overnight lows dipped into the mid-20s. Emmert says there has been damage, ”The fields I have been in have shown some damage, but not a total loss.“ He recommended that growers check each field and several locations within each field. “The freeze damage was spotty and may have been worse with in sandy soils or fields with 15 inch rows,” said Emmert. He added that more damage may become evident as the crop develops of the next few weeks.    Tips on assessing wheat damage can be found in the full report.


Listen to the complete update here: