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DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Update 5/9/16


DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Update 5/9/16

Farmers in NW Indiana got a lot of planting done over the weekend, but a week of cooler temperatures may keep the crop from emerging. Statewide, Indiana has 38% of the corn planted; but David Cosgray, with DuPont Pioneer, says the percentage is higher in NW Indiana because of a weekend filled with activity, “I think in this area we have close to 70% of the corn planted and around 30% of the soybeans planted.”  A weekend of good field working conditions covered the northern part of the state; but rain, hail, and cool temperatures limited fieldwork in central Indiana.


While some areas of Central Indiana have very little planted, Cosgray says it is still too early to consider changing hybrids. “Growers with 114 day hybrids, I would still go ahead and plant them up until about the 26th of May,” he stated.


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