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DuPont Pioneer Answers Farmer Desire for Actionable Whole-Farm Insights


New digital technology is allowing farmers to gather massive amounts of data – but DuPont says the real value comes when data drives insights to help them improve the profitability of their operations. According to DuPont Pioneer President Paul Schickler – growers need a way to sort through all of their data to make better decisions. He says information is only relevant if it is used in a way that can help increase the profitability of the entire operation. That next generation of whole-farm management – he says – begins now. DuPont – as part of its commitment to farmers and increasing the food supply around the world – is dedicating additional resources to meet increasing grower demand for the next generation of whole-farm profitability services. The business plans to deliver insights for advanced farmer profitability and expand its support for a wide variety of farming decisions – including seed selections, in-season crop management and water and fertility management – all at a grower’s fingertips.

The first wave of new services – Pioneer® Field360™ – is available this growing season. It is designed to help growers confidently transform their farm data into increased productivity through timely and actionable information. Schickler says DuPont Pioneer understands farmers are eager to synthesize knowledge and convert data from their operations into actionable management insights. He says Pioneer Field360 services – combined with Pioneer’s team of sales professionals – will provide growers a vital link between data and action that can help drive income per acre year after year.

Several management apps and tools will be available with Pioneer Field360 services. The apps are available at www dot pioneer dot com slash 360 (www.pioneer.com/360).