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DuPont Pioneer Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation in Indiana


DuPont Pioneer Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation in Indiana


Mike PenceGovernor Mike Pence traveled to Marshall County on Wednesday to help DuPont Pioneer celebrate the 25th anniversary of their production facility. Founded in 1989, following the drought of 1988, the facility outside of Plymouth is one of Pioneer’s major production plants, providing seeds to much of the US and Canada.  Over 35,000 acres in 15 counties produce the seed that helps feed the world. Governor Pence said it is facilities like this that make Indiana a major agricultural state, “DuPont Pioneer is a critical part of an agricultural innovation infrastructure in our state and makes Indiana a center of investment and innovation today and tomorrow.”


When the facility was first constructed, biotechnology was just a theory. Over the past 25 years, DuPont Pioneer has invested millions of dollars into the facility to develop and produce crops with new biotech traits and new  specialty crops like Plenish that produce a healthier soybean oil. Pence said this kind of investment agriculture is one of reasons the Indiana economy continues to grow, “Companies like DuPont Pioneer will continue to make Indiana the center for breakthroughs that will lead to a brighter future for all of agriculture.”


McKinneyState Director of Agriculture Ted McKinney told HAT that Indiana has the right climate, the right resources, and the right people to continue to be on the leading edge of innovation in agriculture, “We are just beginning to see the benefits this innovation will bring to humankind from healthier foods to new kinds of food. And Indiana agriculture is right at the forefront of these developments, and we want to stay there.”


Over 120 farmers grow seed for this plant alone, and statewide over 600 Hoosiers are employed by DuPont Pioneer at 9 different locations.  Pioneer officials praised Indiana’s pro-agriculture policies and said the work ethic of the employees at their Hoosier locations is exemplary.