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DuPont Pioneer Harvest Update 10/16/17


DuPont Pioneer Harvest Update 10/16/17

According to Ryan Martin’s harvest forecast, we will make good progress on harvest this week.  According to USDA, Indiana has 34% of the corn harvested statewide and nationally only 28% harvested, well behind last year and the 5 year average. Dan Emmert, agronomist with DuPont Pioneer in SW Indiana, told HAT that harvest progress in his area has been good, the crops are ready, and harvest is headed into the home stretch. “I would estimate about 70% of the corn has been harvested in SW Indiana,” he said and. Most of the corn planted in April has dried down nicely, he added, “On some test plots last week, we had about 20% moisture.” He noted that yields on corn and soybeans were coming in higher than expected by growers.


Emmert says, this year, yields on early planted crops have been better than expected and reinforces the notion that early planting yields better, “This year, like most years, the soybeans that get planted in April yield very well. The plants tend to be a little shorter and just stand and yield better.” He said the same thing can be said for corn, “The corn we get planted in April, pollinates before it gets too hot and dry, and that is a good thing.”


Growers in SW Indiana are seeing some significant evidence on what the use of fungicide and monitoring nitrogen levels can have on yield. More on that in our next DuPont Pioneer Harvest update, later this week.