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DuPont Pioneer Harvest Update 10/20/16


The corn harvest is moving into the later planted crop, and both stalks and yields are holding up. Indiana essentially had two corn crops this year, one planted in April and other planted in late May or early June. The expectation was the later planted corn yields would suffer; but, as May Gumz, agronomist  with DuPont Pioneer, reports, yield numbers are holding up, “The later maturity corn was able to take advantage of good growing condition in August and September especially in the northern  part of the state. Yields I am hearing on hybrids like P1197 have been very solid this year.”

Not only are yields holding up, but stalk integrity is also holding up better than anticipated.  But Gumz says ear molds are a definite problem that producers need to be careful with, “If you notice you have, especially  Gibberella ear rot, that is the mold that has a pink cast at the tip of the ear, then take extra care in drying down the crop.” She recommends drying to 14% moisture if you are storing for a few months or 13% if you plan to store it longer.

As for soybeans, yields are outstanding and the harvesting of what was a very tall soybean crop has gone smoothly.  Gumz says this fall she was in fields were the soybean plants were shoulder high. Yet, the height has not hurt yields, “Yields on Pioneer 32T16 and 34T07 have been especially good.”

Listen to the complete report from May Gumz under the crops tag on this web site.


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