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DuPont Pioneer Harvest Update 10/25/16


DuPont Pioneer Harvest Update 10/25/16

While the harvest is moving quickly in some parts of the state, it is slow going with some disappointing yields in SE Indiana. While soybean yields in SE counties are better than average, getting the crop through the combine is proving to be difficult, says Brian Bush with DuPont Pioneer. “Green stem is a real issue in SE Indiana this  year,” he stated. “I have had a lot of calls from growers says the crop just don’t dry down.” He added growers are slowly getting up crop in and are very happy with the yields.


That is not the case for corn. Bush says southern rust was a major problem this year and yield monitors are measuring just how much was lost in corn fields. “A lot of fields that looked like they would yield 200 bpa in August are turning yields around 15bpa or less,” he said. ” You can find higher yields but those growers had to apply fungicide to control the rust or add extra nitrogen, which increased their cost.”  He said most corn yields could be classified as disappointing.


His recommendation is to push harvest as quickly as possible before high winds do even more damage, “Guys need to go hard at it and get the crop harvested before we have one of those wind storms that takes even more corn down.” He said a good strong storm could take down most of the remaining corn in the southern part of the state.





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