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DuPont Pioneer Harvest Update 10/31/16


DuPont Pioneer Harvest Update 10/31/16


Farmers are getting into the later planted corn in Northeast Indiana.  Lance Shepard, with DuPont Pioneer, says this corn is starting to look rather ragged, “As time progresses, it is getting weaker and starting to decay. The rains we have had are also spreading the ear mold issues we have seen in both the April planted corn and now the May planted corn.” He urges growers to get these fields harvested as soon as possible, “The faster we get this crop out, the better we will be.”


Shepard says that soybean yields in NE Indiana are good and that things are looking very good for those producers who planted Plenish variety soybeans, “Not only are the yields good, but the 40-50 cent premium per bushel on Plenish really makes for a good year for those who planted Plenish.” Nationally, 91% of the soybean are harvested, above the 75% average. In Indiana, 95% of the soybeans have been combined.


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