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DuPont Pioneer Harvest Update 10/4/15


Pioneer Harvest Update 10/4/15

Brian Bush, with DuPont Pioneer, says fields in SE Indiana have been drying down almost too quickly, “There are some soybean fields that are at 8% moisture, and when they get that dry you are giving away yield.” As for the soybean yields, whole field yields are not too bad. “You need to look at the whole field average,” said Bush. “Some places in the field you will get 80 bpa, but then in the washed out places it is zero. I think on average most soybean fields are yielding in the mid 50 bpa range.” Bush said, without the washed out sections, it would have been an outstanding harvest.


Corn moisture levels are also falling fast, averaging in the 14% to 16% range. Bush said, despite shallow roots and nitrogen loss, the corn crop is actually holding up pretty well, “We have had some wind blow through here in SE Indiana but the crops are still standing.”  He said the stalks are weak and urges growers to harvest as soon as possible, “I don’t think this crop can stand past Halloween.”