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DuPont Pioneer Harvest Update 9/27/16


DuPont Pioneer Harvest Update 9/27/16

Two weeks of warm dry weather have provided some good drying conditions for early planted crops in East Central Indiana. Harvesting of corn planted in April is underway; and DuPont Pioneer agronomist Eric Miller says crop moisture levels are coming down fast, “When we started harvesting the April planted corn a few weeks ago, we had moisture levels in the mid to upper 20% range. Today we are down to the low 20% and even into the teens.”

But, growers are still being urged to prioritize their fields because in some areas stalk rot is a serious issue. Miller states, “We have had ear mold issues and even some premature death; and, for those fields, growers need to keep an eye on standability.” He added, while it is not a major problem, growers need to be aware of how their fields are doing.

As for the corn that was planted in late May, which represents the majority of the corn in this part of the state, Miller says harvest is still a ways off, “I think we still have several weeks to go on the May planted corn. In fact, I think most guys will go and get the soybeans before they harvest the late planted corn.”  This late corn is mostly doing well and benefited from the late season rains.

Miller says the soybeans are looking good and early yield reports are outstanding, “It is not uncommon to hear field averages in the 80 bpa range.” He added soybean size is good as is the number of pods per plant.

Listen for the complete update from Eric Miller on the crops page of our web site.

The Pioneer Poll this week asks about your crop moisture. Share your numbers with us by responding to the poll on-line, or by texting 22333 then entering hatpoll and finally your percentage of moisture. The HAT weekly poll is sponsored by DuPont Pioneer.