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Dust is Flying this Week With Rain on the Way


Dust is Flying this Week With Rain on the Way

After being shut out of the field for much of April, growers are finally getting some good weather as we begin the month of May. We had 8% of the corn planted statewide as of Sunday, but many areas are much further along. This week we are making a lot of progress in getting the 2018 crop in the ground. “We are going to end the week with a much higher number. In fact, I talked to a guy who finished planting yesterday,” said Ryan Piel, with DuPont Pioneer. He told HAT the temperatures have warmed enough to dry out soil and foster quick emergence, “I have not seen any corn emerged yet, but these warm conditions will really help those seeds jump out of the ground.” He sees good and uniform germination this year.

Piel says good progress is also being made on burning down cover crops and getting pre-plant applications made, “I have seen a lot of sprayers working, and I think we are making good progress in getting this chemistry down.” As a result, he predicts a good year for weed control in 2018, a nice change from what we saw in 2017.

Rain in the forecast is just what we need. Piel said, “The low humidity has pulled a lot of moisture out of the ground, and we have areas that need a good rain.”

Hoosier Ag Today meteorologist Ryan Martin says rain is in the forecast for most of Indiana.

“We have rain to start the day Thursday morning with an approaching cold front. Scattered showers hold through the rest of the day and through early afternoon Friday. The best chance for stronger rain and thunderstorms will be overnight Thursday night, but we see this event as less threatening now for the state.”  Martin will release his planting forecast for next week Friday on Hoosier Ag Today.