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E15 Now Available in Wisconsin


The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) cheered RFA member Badger State Ethanol and the Wisconsin Ethanol Coalition for their efforts to bring E15 to Wisconsin. As of Tuesday, the SmartStation at 1290 Business Highway 151 in Platteville, Wisconsin began offering E15 from eight pumps.

Bob Dinneen, RFA’s President and CEO, marked the occasion saying, “Today is an exciting day for drivers in Wisconsin. They now have a choice at the pump. They have the opportunity to choose a new renewable fuel mix that provides cost savings as well as engine and environmental benefits. A Wisconsin driver can now choose a fuel that supports jobs in their state and helps strengthen this country economically. The additional use of ethanol will in fact increase our energy security and further reduce our dependence upon foreign oil. Three cheers for Badger State and the Wisconsin Ethanol Coalition for their hard work.”

SmartStation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Badger State Ethanol.

Source: www.ethanolrfa.org