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Too Early to Plant? Not for Some


Too Early to Plant? Not for Some

Brian Bush

Snow still covers some fields, but some growers already have seed in the ground. “I am not going to name names, but there are a few folks in my area who have been rather aggressive and already have corn and soybeans planted,” said Brian Bush, DuPont Pioneer agronomist in Southern Indiana. He told HAT, for the most part, it is still too early to plant, primarily because the soils are still too cold, “No metabolic activity takes place in the seed under 50 degrees, so your seed is just going to sit there.”

Bush says growers should consider a seed treatment if they plan to plant into cool, wet soils. He warns, however, that seed treatments have a limited lifespan, so do not plant too early or the seed treatment may not be there when the seed germinates.

Bush says growers are eager to get started and as soon as the weather breaks, they will be ready, “In parts of Southern Indiana, we have some field work done already. So as soon as the rain stops, these guys will be ready to roll.” He added it is still early enough that there is plenty of time to get planting started.

Again this year, HAT and DuPont Pioneer will be presenting agronomy field updates throughout the growing season. Be listening on HAT radio stations and on this website.