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Early Soybean Yields Good in Eastern Indiana



T C Huffman
T C Huffman

The soybean harvest is in full swing in Eastern Indiana counties, and early yields are good. Sunny and dry conditions have let growers in Eastern Indiana get the soybean harvest rolling. TC Huffman with DuPont Pioneer says yield results on the early planted varieties are good, “The 2.8 to the 3.2s have been pretty good , but I have some concern that these may be the best yields we get.” He told HAT some of the later season varieties did not benefit from the late August rain, and he does not expect them to yield as well.


Huffman says many growers are focusing on soybeans while letting the corn continue to dry down in the field. Some early planted corn was harvested early in September, but later planted hybrids are still too wet. He worries, however, that some corn may not be able to stay in the field much longer, “I have been walking some of our research plots, and it has confirmed my fears that we have more stalk integrity issues than most people realize.”  He said strong winds or heavy rains could cause serious problems and create a real problem for corn left standing in the field.


Huffman said moisture levels are averaging between 28-22% and, with continued dry weather, should be ready for harvest in about 2 or 3 weeks, “We should be in the low 20% range on much of the corn, and this will fall into the teens in the next few weeks.” He added, however, that there are some fields in Eastern counties where corn has just reached black layer.


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