Early Stands Look Good in NE Indiana


Eric Miller
Eric Miller

Planters were rolling across much of Northern Indiana over the Memorial Day weekend and early stands look good.  Statewide 85 % of the corn and 54% of the soybeans have been planted. Nationally 86% of the corn is in the ground.  Eric Miller, field agronomist with DuPont Pioneer in NE Indiana, told HAT that over the weekend most growers wrapped up planting, “Most of the corn has been planted in the north and east, and about 80% of the soybeans in this area are in.”

Miller added germination and early stand establishment is also going well, “The corn that was planted around the first of May is entering the V4 stage; while the corn planted around Mothers Day is at the V2 stage and was a bit slow to get out of the ground because of the cooler weather.”  USDA reported that 64% of the Indiana corn that has been planted has emerged. By region, 64% emerged in the North, 57% in Central, and 73% in the South. Miller says the crops that got planted this past week will benefit from the rain forecast for this week.

He said black cutworm pressure has been higher than average. His recommendation to growers is to keep an eye on this crop for more diseases, “The late planted corn will not pollinate until late July, so it will be susceptible to diseases for quite a while.”

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