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Early Yield Results From Northern Indiana ‘All Over the Map’


Harvest was put on pause last week because of rain, but the weather is turning around, and combines are rolling again across the state. Some harvest got completed ahead of those rains last week in northern Indiana. In this Beck’s Yield Check, Beck’s agronomist Travis Burnett says those corn yields were all over the place.

“The areas where we caught good rainfall there during grain fill, we have borderline record yields in some area. So, lots of 250s or even higher, upwards of 280s in some circumstances where we did catch rain.”

On the low end though, around 150-160 bpa. Burnett says it would be easy to blame that drop in yield on tar spot, which he believes could be found in just about any field in northern Indiana, but there are other factors at play.

“It’s definitely a contributor, but it’s probably not the only thing we need to be looking at. We’ve got to keep in mind that lack of rainfall there during grain fill in and then also running short on nitrogen. In most cases where we have some pretty low yields, it’s a combination of those three things that’s really causing those less-than-ideal yields.”

Soybean yields were all over the map as well.

“The low end of things on the soybean side, 50 to 60 bushels on some of those earlier maturity varieties that didn’t catch much rain there in August to get those finished. But then as we’re getting into some of the fuller season beans or in those areas where we did catch some rain that we were able to influence seed size, I’ve heard mid-70s and 80s in some circumstances. So, quite literally, all over the place from a yield perspective on the beans.”

Hear the full interview with Burnett below where he discusses more about tar spot and a couple of Beck’s Hybrids that he feels have performed especially well this season.

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