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Early Yields Great in West Central Indiana


In a west-central Indiana Yield Check, early harvest corn and soybean numbers are promising. As local field sales representative Eric Wornhoff at Specialty Hybrids says, farmers had poked around in corn and buzzed right through early planted beans before several days of rainfall arrived.

Now he says, “guys want to get back in and get this done because we all know that plant health out there, especially on the corn is going to struggle the more whether we get on it. There are some huge yields out there from our 97-day corns all the way up to our 114-day corns. This new germplasm that we’ve launched during the last 2 years has just been phenomenal. I know our customers have been extremely pleased diving into a lot of the new things, very, very pleased. Early reports have been 220 to 285 (bpa) field averages, dry corn and way above expectations.”

On the bean side there were a lot of early beans planted and Wornhoff says most all of those have been harvested.

“When we looked at our 2403’s and our 2504’s, when we basically draw a line from Indianapolis straight to the Illinois line, we’ve seen some phenomenal yields. On the low yield environment farms or just the tougher acre, we’re seeing high fifties, low sixties, and on the real high productivity soils, we’re seeing anything from 72 to 84.”

One longtime customer in Wingate, Indiana set an all-time farm record bean yield on his toughest acre with the 2504 XtendFlex soybeans.

Wornhoff did note that corn ear weights have been variable, and there are some issues.

“My experience in this early part of harvest has been if there’s moisture in the corn, you’re going to have great yields,” he told HAT. “If you’re shelling some corn at 15, 17 or 19 percent right now that’s a fuller season, 110 and higher, then you might be seeing lower test weights, and the best test weights I’ve heard so far have been in that 56, 56.5, but there’s a whole bunch of 54’s out there. And some are actually less depending on how much disease was out there as well as how much variability there is from fence row to fence row.”

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