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East Central Indiana Planting Halfway Complete


Pioneer agronomist Eric Miller says planting progress in East Central Indiana has been hampered by two big rain events- one on April 28th and the other on Mother’s Day.

“To say we’re near halfway is probably about accurate, but at any one location it could be much more or much less than that. I have customers ranging from completely finished and have been finished for maybe a week or 10 days to guys who have been struggling just to really get started, and that would be any corridor through the east side of the state with heavy rainfall those two events.”

For those fields that got the heaviest of the rains on Mother’s Day, Miller says the rain we’re receiving at the beginning of this week could be a blessing in disguise.

“Those fields had a lot of surface crusting and the acres planted from say April 25th through the May 2nd timeframe, we’re going to need a little bit of a softening on the surface to make sure we get good stand establishment.”

For those areas that missed the heavy rains, Miller says, “Those late April planting dates are really up and going. We’re able to get a really good handle on what stand establishment looks like. As a whole, the corn looks very good. I have a few questions with some beans in pockets just if conditions were a little bit wet at planting or had some insect feeding or maybe some disease come in on those plants, but overall the crop looks pretty good.”