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Eastern Indiana Crops Hit Hard by Wet Weather


Brian BushThere are fields in Indiana where the crops are doing very well, but most of those fields are not in eastern and southeastern Indiana. Brian Bush, field agronomist with DuPont Pioneer in that part of the state, says almost continuous rains have slowed crop development and kept farmers from getting post-planting fieldwork done. He told HAT, “We have guys who cannot get across a field to do their spraying. There is a lot of concern about the amount of nitrogen we have lost.”  Bush says the condition are highly variable with some locations having 10 consecutive days of rain and others needing some rain, “Given the weather we have now, the very warm and humid conditions, I am very concerned about disease pressure.”


Bush said USDA crop ratings do not reflect what conditions are like in eastern Indiana, “We have some areas that are beginning to tassel, but any low area is behind and delayed in crop development.” He said the saturated soils have not allowed the root systems to develop properly. He added soybean fields are coming along but are experiencing some of the same kind of variability as the corn, “This is not going to be a record year for southern and eastern Indiana.”


Bush says corn borer pressure is building, “I have been surprised by the high level of corn borer damage we have been finding, not only in conventional corn but in refuge plants in traited corn.”  He feels there will be a very high level of corn borer feeding this year.


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