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Ellspermann Lays Out Policy Priorities for Pork

Sue Ellspermann

Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann laid out the Pence administration’s policy priorities for the Indiana pork industry at the annual meeting of Indiana Pork.  The previous administration made doubling pork production in the state their goal. According to Ellspermann, the Pence administration has a different set of priorities, “Our theme, broadly speaking, is bringing innovation into Indiana to expand agriculture from the early supply side and genetics to food processing and food safety.”  She said she wants Indiana to be known as the place where agriculture innovation happens.  She told the gathering of top pork leaders that this process would not happen quickly but that work had already begin on building a framework to move the process forward.


Ellspermann said the Governor’s moratorium on new regulations, implemented on his first day in office, is an indication that Indiana will continue to be an ag friendly state, “We want to keep Indiana a place where agriculture is strong and farming is profitable.” She said, in the Governor’s budget, he wants to reduce taxes while still funding transportation and education, both important issues for pork producers. She also noted her strong support of legislation that would put a delay on a new soil fertility formula for establishing property taxes on farmland. That legislation cleared the State Senate this week.


International trade is also a top priority. The Lt. Governor who said she is looking forward to partnering with the pork industry to position Indiana pork around the world, “Twenty-five percent of pork is already exported, and we want to continue to find more export opportunities for Indiana pork.”  Ellspermann added she and the Governor will be visiting an Indiana hog farm very soon.


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