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Enlist Herbicides as Part of Your Program Approach


In the United States, more than 100 million acres are infested with resistant weeds and farmers need ways to control weed pressure all season long. Andy Carriger, Enlist field specialist, discusses the importance and value of adopting a herbicide program approach.

“It allows farmers to utilize multiple options to control weeds basically from planting through harvest. So, they can take advantage of multiple herbicide sites of action to control some of their toughest weed problems in their fields like waterhemp or Palmer.”

Carriger says a program approach is also crucial to help in the spread of resistance. So, at Corteva Agriscience, they recommend a complete herbicide approach on every acre possible, including those with the new Enlist E3 soybean trait.

“It’s probably the best approach to start with a clean seedbed using a tillage or a burndown or a combination of both, followed by really good preemergent herbicides that feature good residual activity. Kyber™ is a good one and Sonic® is a good one.”

Carriger explains that with the program approach, you need to follow up with a timely post emergent application, approximately 21-28 days after planting.

“Always use at least two or more sites of action for control on these herbicides. Never go out with a single mode of action. Enlist Duo® would be a two-site action product as well as Enlist One® plus a qualified tank mix partner like Durango® or Liberty®.”

Carriger says Enlist herbicides and E3 soybeans are combined to offer the most flexibility compared with other traits in the market and they’ve had very good luck combining it with the program approach.

Always read and follow label directions.