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EPA Approves Registration of DuPont Instigate Herbicide


DuPont Instigate herbicide has received federal registration approval from the Environmental Protection Agency for application from pre-plant through early emergence to control broadleaf and grass weeds in corn. DuPont Crop Protection North America Regional Director John Chrosniak says Instigate gives growers extra flexibility to work around weather delays and busy schedules while keeping corn fields clean during the crucial weed-free period before crop canopy. Chrosniak says successful weed control and weed resistance management through strategic herbicide use are two steps that will help growers produce more to help meet the challenge of feeding the growing global population. He says Instigate can be tank-mixed with most standard pre-emergence corn herbicide products – and also can reduce the amount of standard pre-emergence herbicide needed by one-third or more. For more information go to https://instigate.dupont.com.

Source: NAFB News Service