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EPA Expected to Have RFS Waiver Decision Soon


The Environmental Protection Agency missed the deadline for making a decision on the request to waive the Renewable Fuel Standard. But EPA said this week that it is completing its review and analysis of the RFS waiver requests and will have a decision shortly. The National Pork Producers Council is one group that says the EPA should grant a waiver of the federal requirement for the production of corn ethanol. In comments submitted to the EPA – the group said the mandate – coupled with the summer drought – is causing severe economic harm to pork producers. Growth Energy – however – said there is no justification for an RFS waiver. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis said those pushing the waiver failed to show severe economic harm directly attributable to the RFS. Buis also stated that granting the waiver requests would come at a great cost to the U.S.

Seven governors asked the EPA to temporarily waive the mandate on ethanol during the summer when the drought drove corn prices higher. A similar request from Texas in 2008 was denied – and ethanol trade groups expect the same outcome this time.


Source: NAFB News Service