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EPA Releases Guidance on Air Emissions


The Environmental Protection Agency released guidance to help farmers report the release of hazardous air emissions from animal waste at their farms. The EPA made the information available to aid farmers in preparing for the reporting deadline, which is November 15. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says his agency is working on addressing the undue regulatory burden on American farmers. “While we examine our options regarding reporting requirements for emissions from animal waste,” Pruitt says, “the guidance is intended to help farmers with current requirements.” It was back on April 11 that the D.C. Circuit Court vacated the rule that gave farmers exemptions from reporting air releases of hazardous materials from animal waste. Unless the Court allows further delays, all farms that have hazardous releases into the air from animal waste equal to or greater than the minimum reportable quantities of those materials in the same 24-hour period, must report those releases.

The EPA guidance information, available on its website, includes resources to help farmers calculate emissions from each species of livestock.

Source: NAFB News Service