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EPA Study Supports Keeping Fuel Efficiency Targets for 2025


A highly anticipated study from the Environmental Protection Agency supports staying the course on fuel efficiency targets that automakers say are unattainable by 2025. Current industry trends show cars getting between 50 and 52 miles per gallon by 2025, which is short of the original projection of 54 miles per gallon. The report that came out Monday was put together by the EPA, the National Highway Transportation Safety Board, and the California Air Resources Board. The report says automobile manufacturers have different technologies they can turn to for help in meeting the original projection and it will be cheaper than first thought.

A spokesman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers said it will be a big challenge to meet the “very aggressive requirements of the 2022-2025 federal fuel economy and greenhouse gas rule, especially with changes in the current marketplace.” The Alliance worries that excessive regulatory costs could impact car buyers and those who manufacture those cars.

Source: NAFB News Service