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Excitement Around Corteva’s Retail-Only Brevant Line


Back in May, Corteva launched the Brevant brand, replacing Mycogen Seeds. The line will be exclusively be available through retail. Aaron Johnson, area business development manager, says there’s a lot of excitement and opportunity.

“It gives growers the opportunity that are working with retail access to the Corteva Agriscience germ plasm—one of the largest germ plasms in the world,” he said. “It gives us the opportunity with our field structure and our support to focus all in on retail as growers are making those decisions.”

In some cases, Corteva has maintained retailer relationships for generations. Brevant stands out from other lines because of that exclusivity.

“Every day when we get up, it’s focused 100 percent on ag retail—supporting them, bringing value to them and to their growers,” said Johnson.

As growers are making their 2021 planting decisions, Johnson said Brevant’s corn and soybean portfolio is centered around the challenges growers are facing.

“A lot of the [geographical] drought has been a hot topic—sub-soil moisture and where we’re going into next year,” he said. “We offer our AQUAMax lineup within the Brevant portfolio, as well as some other trait technologies and platforms that we have.”

There’s also been some other benefits.

“A lot of good yield results out of our Qrome portfolio as well as our PowerCore and SmartStax,” said Johnson. “When we think of soybean technology, it’s the different platforms that folks are interested in for control on their acres. We’re heavy into the three portfolios that we have—great performance we’re seeing out of our three varieties as well as the consistency and efficacy of the Enlist Weed Control system.”

To learn more about Brevant, visit their website or talk with your local ag retailer.