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Existing Dicamba Inventory Can be Used in Indiana Through June 20


Last week’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that vacated three dicamba registrations shook the world of agriculture. Can I use dicamba for the rest of this season?

Indiana Farm Bureau President Randy Kron says right now, the answer is yes. The Indiana State Chemist’s Office has advised them that the labels are still registered in Indiana and can be used through the Indiana cutoff date of June 20th. The EPA also said Monday night that farmers could use existing inventory.

The Indiana State Chemist tweeted this information on Tuesday:

Kron says despite those clarifications, it remains a fluid situation.

“It’s subject to change at any minute. I just heard earlier that even the EPA’s interpretation saying that we could go ahead and use what we have in storage is being challenged in court now too. So, this is a pretty fluid situation and changing by the minute.”

Kron is concerned about what the ruling means going forward. If it stands, he says it could have a significant impact on soybean seed supply for next growing season.

“Most of the seed beans have been planted that will be used for next year by the seed companies. If they’re pretty reliant on the dicamba, and this stands, there probably won’t be many dicamba beans planted at all. So, I’m worried a little. I have not talked to any seed companies yet, but what happens to the seed supply on the soybean side?”

Kron reminds growers that even though EPA’s clarification said they could continue using dicamba through July 31st, the Indiana label says it is restricted after June 20th. He hopes there are at least a few more days suitable for spraying between now and then.

For more information, you can visit the Office of Indiana State Chemist website.