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More Expansion at Beck’s Hybrids Headquarters



Beck’s Hybrids in Atlanta, Indiana is expanding again, and this time the plan revolves around production and processing operations at the Atlanta headquarters. A new soybean processing facility plus seed drying equipment and warehouses put the project at $62 million.

Beck’s has locations all over the Midwest, but CEO Sonny Beck said this expansion is here in Indiana because the state really does live up to its reputation.

“It is the easiest state to do business with in the Midwest, and I believe its reputation is #5 in the U.S.” he said. That’s from a regulatory standpoint. That’s from the standpoint of cost of doing business, and just the speed of getting things done.”

He credited state and local officials for infrastructure improvements that allow for the doubling of capacity in Atlanta.

“The Indiana Economic Development Corporation as well as our Hamilton County Council and Commissioners recognized four years ago that they needed to connect St. Road 31 and St. Road 19 with a good road that can support business, support the local communities of Atlanta and Arcadia, and support people who live in that area getting to a major thoroughfare to get to work.”

This expansion at Beck’s headquarters, expected to be completed by 2022, moves processing capacity from three million to six million units per year over the next six years. The 221’ x 300’ facility will feature a seven-story, standalone processing tower, five new warehouses for seed and equipment storage, as well as office space. Starting this year, the company expects to hire 60 additional employees at this location.

“As we continue to grow and expand, with a footprint now in 11 states, we are driven by the increasing demands of our customers who want more high performing products suited for their acres,” said Scott Beck, president of Beck’s. “This investment will allow us to more efficiently process additional units of quality soybeans each year to help meet the needs of our current and future customers.”

In order to support the sales and distribution of the additional soybean production, Beck’s will hire additional farmer dealers in Indiana and other states to support farmers throughout the Midwest.

(Sonny Beck audio courtesy of Inside Indiana Business)